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Warranty Terms

Dear Customer,

All the products and services we offer through DealsHabibi.com carry’s manufacturers warranty as per the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions. We source all our products from genuine sources and distribution channels to assure you the best quality and authenticity. Following are the standard warranty terms and conditions.

  • All Gadgets and devices other than accessories, services and softwares carry one-year manufacturers repair warranty.
  • The warranty of the product will be void if the product is physically damaged; warranty seal is tampered, dropped in water, met with an accident or used in any way that is not recommended by the product manufacturer.
  • All the products supplied by dealshabibi.com -except softwares, accessories and services- carry a serial number which is recorded in the users account during the delivery of the product. If the serial number of the product is not matching with the records, the warranty is not claimable.
  • All the accessories carry a three month repair warranty.
  • Software’s has no warranty as the manufacturer or developer is providing direct support to its customers.
  • All repair service carry a 7 days warranty for the service done with us.
  • All warranty period starts from the date of purchase.
  • Any warranty requests has to be pre-approved by emailing the complaint to support@dealshabibi.com or by calling 04-2552393 and by obtaining a warranty claim number. This number will be referred for all follow-ups and claims.
  • After obtaining the warranty claim number the product has to be delivered to dealshabibi.com office along with the accessories.
  • If courier collection and delivery is required, additional charges may apply for courier.

Team Dealshabibi.