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X6 Steam Mop Revolutionary 6 in 1 Steam Master X6SMR-61SM

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Description of X6 Steam Mop Revolutionary 6 in 1 Steam Master

Description of X6 Steam Mop Revolutionary 6 in 1 Steam Master No more harmful chemicals use the power of steam to kill bacteria and bugs (1300 watts of dry steam power). Get rid of pesky, icky dirt and grime with 6-in-1 Eco Steam Master Deluxe Steam Mop to clean every corner and surface. You cant buy a more advanced quality steam mop with detachable hand held steam cleaner to ensure your house is really clean without the use of harmful chemicals This is no ordinary steam cleaner, Its everything you need to ensure that your home stays clean and bacteria free. Features: The revolutionary 6-in-1 versatile Steam Master System Fights dirt and grime instantly without mess and noise Cleans quickly, hygienically and chemical free Cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes; eliminates 99% of bacteria on contact Clever head design that can get into corners, spaces Modern microfiber cleaning technology traps dirt in its pad Cleans vinyl, ceramic flooring, laminate and tiles In its handheld position, cleans, removes grease and grime and sanitizes No Chemical or Detergents, Just Add Tap water For Carpets, Tiles, Vinyl, Glasses, Wooden & Laminated Flooring 6 in 1.

Revolutionary Steam Master:

Floor Mop Carpet Cleaner Hand Held Steamer Garment Steamer Window and Glass Cleaner Outdoor Patio Cleaner The Steam Master is designed to handheld the position to steam, clean, remove grease, grime and


Microwave Toilet & Bathroom Car Sofa & Bed Inside an Oven Hob Taps.

Package Includes:

·         1 x Steam Master

·         1 x Filler Jug

·         1 x Steam Blaster Nozzle

·         1 x Micro Fiber Cloth

·         1 x Cotton cleaning Cloth

·         1 x Carpet Glider

·         1 x Instruction Manual


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