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Remington Power Volume 2000 Dryer D30151 Year Warranty

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Get stunningly smooth, frizz free results with the Power Volume 2000. With 2000W of power, a Ceramic Ionic grille, concentrator and diffuser, this clever dryer will deliver beautiful looking hair, everyday - whatever style you want to create. And now you can be kind to the environment as well as your hair! We've introduced an extra Eco Setting so you can save energy when you dry.

Get Attached!

This dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle for precision styling. Concentrators are great for achieving shine too – when drying your hair make sure you point the concentrator nozzle down the hair shaft as this means your hair’s cuticles will lie flat and look oh-so glossy.

Eco Friendly Dryer

Not only can you achieve gorgeous locks with this dryer but its kind on the environment too! By simply selecting the ‘eco’ switch it saves significantly more energy than other heat settings. Clever huh!

All Features

   ·   Powerful 2000 Watt

   ·   Ceramic Ionic grille for even heat and anti static

   ·   3 heat / 2 speed settings

   ·   Eco Setting – Using dryer on the mid heat setting saves more energy than using it          on the high heat setting

   ·   Cool Shot

   ·   Concentrator

   ·   Diffuser

   ·   Removable easy clean rear grille

   ·   Hang up loop

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