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Description Of Perfect Roll Sushi Maker


Product Description

Perfect Roll Sushi Maker produces consistent results regardless of whether you are a cooking novice or a gourmet chef. It’s the easy alternative to the traditional method of making sushi rolls, the Japanese bamboo mat. Making sushi rolls with the bamboo mat is difficult and frustrating, usually resulting in inconsistent results, wastage of ingredients and one’s time. Although named the Perfect Roll Sushi Maker, it can do so much more than how it sounds. Roll up your favourite delights like a pro! Perfect for preparing not only sushi but also pinata, crepe roll and any type of wraps, it can be used to delight your family as well as guests during a picnic, casual snacking and even parties! This German design product is dishwasher safe and beginner friendly. Just fill and pull for a piece of perfectly rolled delight! Highlights Making sushi rolls does not have to be difficult. Perfect Roll Sushi Maker makes the process incredibly simple, easy and best of all, a lot of fun. Turn whatever you like into a roll, whether it's fish, meat or vegetable. Invite your friends to a party and the Perfect Roll Sushi Maker will become an instant conversation piece. It can also be used as a fun family activity. Kids would love making sushi with Perfect Roll Sushi Maker. Perfect Roll Sushi Maker comes with delicious recipe ideas.


Never before has sushi been this easy to make : fill, pull, done Suitable for pros and beginners alike In stylish black Dimension 8" L x 3 3/4" W x 2 3/4" H Tasty recipe ideas included right inside the box Solid German design Perfect Sushi Roll Maker is the ideal kitchen gadget for making sushi rolls, party rolls, vine leaves, spring rolls, flavoured butters and more. Simply place in the wrapping, add the filling, roll and serve. Quick and simple to use. Complete with recipe ideas and instructions, Leifheit Perfect Roll Party is easy for kids to use too.