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Logitech Washable keyboard K310

The keyboard that loves a wash. Clean comes easy

Life happens and this keyboard is ready. From a light dusting to a soak, this washable keyboard is easy to clean and easy to dry. It’s submergible in up to 30 cm (11 inches) of water and has convenient drainage holes at the back for speedy drying.

More than tough enough

Laser printing and a UV coating ensures this keyboard can take a washing as well as a pounding. The durable keys, robust tilt legs and increased resistance to surface scratches makes the Washable Keyboard one of the toughest on the market.

Functional and good-looking

Comfortable typing is a given, thanks to a familiar layout with F-keys and number pad. And it all comes in a unique, contemporary design that will complement your computer, as well as your work space.

Plug and play simplicity

Thankfully, the Washable Keyboard works right out of the box. There’s no software to install, so you can simply plug it in and start typing. Talk about a clean setup.

Take a shortcut and save time

Gain instant access to popular applications like the Internet, email, volume controls, and more - with 12 hot keys. Hit F1 to go home, F2 to launch your email, F3 to start a search, and F4 to crunch some numbers on the calculator. Want to bring up your media player and play your favorite music? Simply hit F5 to launch, F6 for the previous track, F7 to play or pause the track, and F8 to skip tracks. For volume controls, you can hit F9 to mute, or F10 and F11 to lower or raise the volume (respectively). And when you’re finished using your computer, put your PC to sleep by hitting F12. It’s that easy.

System Requirements

·      Windows XP

·      Windows Vista or Windows 7

·      USB port

Package Contents

·      Keyboard

·      Brush (attached to keyboard)

·      User documentation

Technical Specifications

·      Low-Profile, framed key design Rubberdome key technology Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock three LED 8° Tilt legs Model Number :

·      Y-U0016 Product Code : J151

Washable spec

·      Hand washable : No dishwasher

·      Max. 30cm of water (24 hours at 25 degree C or 36 wash cycles of 5 minutes @ 50 degree C)

·      Use soft sponge or brush (not abrasive material)

·      Use standard dishwasher soap (no alcohol disinfectant)

·      Dry naturally