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LG Pocket Photo Paper 90 Sheet PS23191 Year Warranty

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LG Pocket Photo Paper PS2319

Inkless Paper Exclusive For LG Pocket Photo

·         No Need Ink, Zink.

·         Optimized Print Quality.

·         Handy And Minimal Design.

·         Share Your Happy Memories At Any Time.

No Need Ink, Zink

Photo sheets are prepared with the ink pre-included.

Optimized Print Quality

For the best printing quality, LG smart sheet adjusts the tone of color by cleaning the print head.

Perfect Wallet - Size Photos Measuring A Compact 2 X 3

Enjoy smaller and lighter photos with LG smart sheet. You can also stick to the original photo size or adjust the size to fit inside the sheet.

Share Your Happy Memories At Any Time

You want photos for special days like birthdays, proposals and rendezvous with friends. Then print your photo and share these memories all together.

Keep Your Special Day With Pocket Photo

Share your happy anniversary for longer with your loved ones. The smartest way to keep in real your precious memory hidden in your Smartphone.

An Album For Your Loving Child

Do you spend extra time printing and editing your photos? With Pocket photo, you can capture, print and take memos of all the precious moments. It will be the most special gift for your child.

Use Photos As Interior Items

Do you put your photos in big size frames? With Pocket photo, you can decorate your house with edited photos to lighten up the mood.

Diy Invitations

Do you give your photos to studios when making invitations? With Pocket photo, you can create customized invitations with the QR code and memos of your choice.

When in Need of ID Photo

Do you spend extra money printing ID photos when you need it in a hurry? With the Pocket photo split function, you can print out your photos whenever you want, for low prices.

Special Future


Inkless Paper (Zink)


90 Papers (10 Sheets x 9 Packs)

Paper Size

50mm x 76mm