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JCPAL Macbook FitSkin TPU Keyboard Protector JCKBPRO

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* Antimicrobial Treatment
With embedded Microban? antibacterial protection, harmful bacteria can be reduced by 99.95% within 2 minutes; it has the effect of long time sterilization as well as prevents harmful microorganisms from harming human body.

* Eco-friendly Materials
Made of imported high quality and eco-friendly materials, with high elastic energy resilience, non-toxic and odourless presenting no harm to human body. Furthermore, its natural decomposition will not cause environmental contamination.

* Thin and Light Design 
The thickness is only 0.2mm, ultrathin design with high transmittance, and it can hardly be felt after installation. The entirety forming with high precision, laser light with holographic measurement and it 100% fits the Macbook keyboard.

* Convenient Cleaning 
It can be washed by water repeatedly, it's environmental and healthier, and repeated cleaning will not reduce the long lasting antibacterial function.

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