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JCPAL Macbook Fabulous Case Black JCMBFCB

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* Premium woven cover shell of MacBook Pro & Retina adopts linen texture, simple and elegant. Besides, it features waterproofing and anti-grease, safeguarding your device. 
* JCPAL protective case adopts one time high pressure and high speed injection craft which creates the thinnest part of 0.8 mm. consequentially, to its largest extent it preserves MacBook’s light and slim minimalism user experience. 
* JCPAL adopts stress relief which makes production hard to fracture and guarantees that in the duration of repeated dismantlement or replacement, the product is safe and sound. 
* JCPAL protective case’s hidden snap button and the detail processing of sleek edge will not completely cause any concerns about hand bruise or discomfort to users, especially female users. 
* JCPAL offers protective case 2 years replacement warranty for accidental fracture for free. 
* JCPAL protective case’s top and bottom match quite well. Users will not discern any difference from using under bare machine status.

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