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Green is good with the iHealth Track Connected Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Aimed at pharmacists and healthcare professionals, the new device boasts a handy screen that lights up green or red depending on how your heart is doing. It's great being able to use your phone or tablet wherever you go, and that goes for clinicians too. Various healthcare monitors are hitting the market that simply plug into a phone or tablet so doctors can record and track your health over time. The results are captured by the Track, and the screen lights up green when everything is normal, or red if there's a problem. Blood Pressure monitoring on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones for iOS and Android version 4.4....

iHealth Track Features

  • Clinically validates blood pressure (ESH).
  • Systolic, diastolic and heart rate (number of best per minute).
  • Detection of arrhythmia.
  • Universal Cuff (22-42cm).
  • Evaluation of measurements as recommended by the WHO*
  • Colour changing display.
  • Easy to use and comfortable.
  • 60 memories.
  • One-Click : Save all your measurements in you MyVitals app account.

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Dimensions : 98mm x 98mm x 46mm.
  • Weight : 438g.
  • Measuring Method : Oscillometric with Automatic inflation and deflation.
  • Power : 4x1.5V (Size : AAA).


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