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iHealth Dock Blood Pressure Monitor BP31 Year Warranty

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The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock is the first of its kind, turning your iOS device into your very own blood pressure monitor. Simply plug your device into the dock, and using our free iHealth mobile app, measure and track your systolic/diastolic numbers, heart rate, pulse wave and measurement time. You can track your results across multiple devices. The dock even doubles as a charging station.

Product name: Blood Pressure Dock
Product model: BP3
Classification: internally powered, Type B applied part, IPX0, No AP or APG, continuous operation
Machine size: 4.53” x 4.53” x 2.62 “ (115mm x 66.5mm)
Cuff circumference: 8.6 “ - 11.8” (22cm-30cm) 11.8” - 16.5” (30cm-42cm)  (Optional) 15.6” - 18.9” (42cm-48cm) (optional)
Weight: approx. 7.6 oz. (215g)
Measuring method: Oscillometric , automatic inflation and measurement
Power: DC: 5V1A, Battery: 3.7Vli-ion 400 mAH
Cuff pressure range: 0-295mm Hg
Pressure accuracy: +-3mm Hg
Pulse rate range: 40-180 beats/min; accuracy: +-5%
Environmental temperature for operation: 5oC~35oC
Environmental humidity for operation: <90%
Environmental temperature for storage and transport: -20 C~55 C
Environmental humidity for storage and transport: <95%
Environmental pressure: atmosphere pressure.

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