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iFlash Device HD IFLASH-DEVHD1 Year Warranty

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i-FlashDevice HD

The only two way storage device between iOS and Mac/PC.

·         Free App from App Store for communication between your iDevices and i-FlashDrive

·         File management, music play and contact backup are fully built-in


·         External memory expansion for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

·         Secured file Encryption for private files

·         Manage all your Data Directly on the iOS-Device. (create, copy, move, delete, rename, open in and many more)

·         Playback and restore your contact list

·         Backup and restore your contact list

·         Document viewer for all major file formats

·         Voice Recorder / Text Editor

·         Dropbox support

The Standard USB is compatible with all USB based computers and OTG enabled Android phones and at the other end it works iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.






Interface Type

 USB 2.0

Flash Drive Platforms

 This Usb 3.0 Is compatible with all usb based computers

It Works With

 for ipod touch For Iphone and For Ipad

Faster File Transfer

 Enhanced User Interface . Powerful Storage SoIution

What's More

 Saving Files Between For Iphone Ipad And Computers

TransFer Speed

 Usb 3.0 Superspeed, Extra Storage : 8GB To 128GB Available

Flash Drive With USB 3.0                       Up To 128GB Extra Storage on for iPhone and for iPad