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GoPro Gooseneck GOPRO-NECK

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GoPro Gooseneck for GoPro Camera

·     Ultimate Adjustability: Makes it easy to capture a wide range of perspectives and achieve the perfect camera angle of every shot. Join multiple Goosenecks together for extended length and       flexibility.

·     Compatible with GoPro Mounts: Can be attached to any GoPro mount that features a quick release base, including the Suction Cup, Jaws, Flex Clamp, Curved +Flat Adhesive Mounts and              more.

·     Handheld Camera Grip: Does double duty as an adjustable handheld camera grip.

·     Adds Extra Elevation: Makes it possible to elevate the camera above the mounting surface for shots that require a higher perspective.

·     Conquer Corners + Obstacles: Capture hard to reach shots around corners or over obstacles.

·     Size - One Size.

·     Color - Black.

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