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Fitbit Zip

Meet Zip. Get fit. Have fun. Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Get a kick out of fitness with this little device. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned – and syncs those stats to your computer and select Smartphones. In doing so, it celebrates how much more you do each day. Zip encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and go farther - one step at time. That's how you turn everyday life into a social, achievable, awesome path to fitness.

Built to keep you moving

By showing you how your day is stacking up, Zip encourages you to get up and go and keep going! It helps you make those small changes that can add up to something big. (No wonder Fitbit users average 43% more steps each day.)


·         Steps Taken

·         Calories Burned

·         Distance Traveled

Powered by Fitbit’s leading-edge accelerometer, Zip accurately captures all-day activity that old-school pedometers can’t handle. It bases calculations like calories burned on your personal profile – reflecting your stats, not any average Joe's.

Fits into your day and your pocket

Wear it in your pocket, on a belt, or a bra – this tracker is as discreet or as visible as you want it to be. Its silicone clip will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Zip is also rain, splash, and sweat-proof. With a  replaceable watch battery that lasts up to six months, it’s excuse-proof too.

Syncs wirelessly and automatically

Zip automatically syncs your data to PCs, Macs, many iOS devices and select Android phones. That means no buttons to push, no data to enter. Just real-time access to your stats and the Fitbit dashboard, 24/7. You can even register and pair your Fitbit devices via select Smartphones – including certain Androids.

Gives you insight and the inside scoop

Between Zip, Fitbit’s free mobile app, and the free online dashboard, you’ll get a snapshot of your daily and cumulative progress. Imagine graphs, tools, charts, and a customizable dashboard to boot. Fitbit’s goal is to make your data digestible and useful. By knowing how close you are to reaching your personalized weekly goals, you can take those extra steps to achieve them.

Food tools that rule Barcode Scanner

Use your Smartphone to scan food barcodes and instantly capture complete nutritional information.

Bigger Database

Choose from 350,000+ foods in our credible database, including grocery brands and restaurant items.

Log Food, Weight

and workouts Thanks to Fitbit’s online tools, logging your meals, water, workouts, and weight is a snap. Nothing will get lost when you’re on the go, either. Just log your data with our mobile app. We’ve got a huge database (from Sunkist oranges to pink salmon). Let’s say you create a weight goal. Fitbit can use your food and activity data to help you set and reach daily calorie objectives.


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Zip tracker


Silicone and metal clip


Wireless sync dongle


Replaceable battery


Battery door tool


Free www.fitbit.com membership – includes ability to log and track activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight, and more...

ZIP Tracks

Steps Taken


Calories Burned


Distance Traveled

Here's how it works

Track your daily activity

Track steps, distance  and calories burned


Sync it anytime, anywhere

Zip automatically  syncs your stats to  your computer and  select Smartphones


Check out your progress

Get the full picture and gain insight with free  graphs, charts and  tools


Make Fitness Fun

Set goals, earn badges, challenge friends, smile

Available Colors

Blue, Magenta, White, Charcoal, Lime


There’s an LCD (Liquid crystal display) on each model.