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Description Of Fine Life Pop-up 6 Container Spice Rack with Storage Tree


Product Description

Pop Up Spice Rack Spice up your dishes with special herbs and spices in this practical Pop Up Spice Rack. It's a neat way to keep your secret ingredients fresh and organized! Whether you're the newbie housewife or professional-slash-weekend chef, your kitchen area will certainly look more professional with the Spice Rack Set on your counter top. This is truly indispensable kitchenware as the lids are made with the patented iloc system that creates an airtight seal for storage. Ask any chef and they'll tell you that keeping herbs, salts and spices in an airlock container is key to keeping them fresh and to lock in their flavors. When you want to use your herbs, simply pop open the lid and sprinkle on your stews, omelets and sauces then pop the lid back down to reseal.

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