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Ficus Bonsai (S Shape) Ficus-Bonsai

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The Ficus s shape also known as the weeping tree is a beautiful evergreen plant that has a broader spread than its height with an umbrella like canopy of pendant branches that cascade down to the ground. Avoid subjecting the plant to extremities including too much sunlight and too much darkness and water regularly. If you are looking to brighten up your living room, then there is no need to look beyond this lovely ficus bonsai.

The ficus benjamina prefers bright light but cannot handle complete direct sunlight unless it has been given a chance to become completely acclimated. The ficus comes from tropical regions with distinct seasons. During the dry season, the ficus drops its leaves, only to regrow them during the rainy season.

During the bright dry season, step up your watering to help the plant grow. During times with less light, cut back on the water as the plant's growth slows during this time.

The ficus likes rich, well-drained soil with plenty of humus.
Ficus plants have aggressive root systems and can quickly become pot bound, making watering more difficult. Repot the plant into a slightly larger pot when this happens. Repot only every other year to slow growth and keep your ficus under control. Make sure your ficus' soil is uniformly moist at all times, but not wet.


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