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When the world is threatened by a force of evil a team of elite warriors must unite and do everything within their power to overcome the rising peril. Call Of Duty: Ghosts is a single-player/multiplayer action-adventure first-person shooter video game for the PS4 console. The storyline revolves around Elias and two brothers who are part of a US special operations team.

Together, they must track down the perpetrator of a series of heinous crimes, Rorke, who was once a part of the Ghosts, a group consisting of expert agents of warfare. The traitor, Rorke, has set out to kill Ajax who is a part of the Ghosts. Will the brothers and their father Elias be able to prevent the death of Ajax and the chaos and destruction that is being doled out by the terrorists known as the Federation? Or will the world succumb to graver ruin

Rated 18 by PEGI for simulated violence and war depictions, CoD’s (Call of Duty) previous releases for the console have inspired a whole new wave of gamers, a cult almost, who can’t help but be immersed by the marvelous storyline and gameplay of this thrilling game. Ghosts, is nothing short of ingenious either. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts has an engaging campaign mode where you play as Logan Walker, a battle specialist, for most of the game. However, there are many other playable characters, including Logan’s father, Elias Walker, and an astronaut named Baker.

The multiplayer mode of this game is nothing like its predecessors as there are new mechanics that have been implemented. There are certain areas on the various maps available that can be changed or destroyed. A few maps house a nuke-like kill streak reward, the ODIN strike, which can be used by eliminating the top player of the other team and accomplishing various challenges once you pick up a briefcase that is dropped.

A new game type called Squads, which can be played solo or with other players, along with numerous other multiplayer modes makes CoD: Ghosts an unforgettable gaming experience!

Title           :   Call Of Duty : Ghosts
Series        :   Call of Duty
Platform     :   PS4
Publisher   :   Activision
Mode         :   Single-Player, Multi-Player
Genre        :   First-Person Shooter